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Support Inova’s Emergency Preparedness Fund to help meet demand for critical patient care during COVID-19 and safeguard every Inova team member.

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Caryl Byrnes and the Women in Need Fund

Caryl Byrnes was determined to win her fight against cancer. In the end, her cancer didn’t play fair, which can often be the case. Caryl, however, refused defeat without a fight. She would claim victory and her triumph would benefit hundreds of women. In partnership with her oncologist Dr. Ruchi Garg, and Gynecology Oncology Patient Navigator Christine Bloom, they established the Women in Need (WIN) Fund.

Caryl and her family generously seeded the WIN Fund and, in less than two years, the fund has raised more than $100,000 to help women less fortunate than Caryl fight and win their battles with cancer.

Philanthropy Spotlight

Helping Children With Mental Health Illnesses – Inova Kellar School

Inova Kellar School is a sanctuary for children with mental health illnesses and their families. The school’s dedicated staff wipes away the stigma associated with behavioral disorders and immerses the children in a safe, nurturing learning environment that helps students transform and lead happy and productive lives.

That is why graduates and their families have a desire to see Inova Kellar School remain a valuable resource for our community’s youth.

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As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Inova’s exceptional teams of physicians, nurses and other frontline heroes are working 24/7 to provide care to our community.

Inova Cares Clinic

Support Inova Cares Clinic for Women The Inova Cares Clinic for Women was created in 1960 to serve the uninsured women ...

Support Inova Cares Clinic for Children The Inova Cares Clinic for Children was established in 1993 as a response to th...

Primary Location: Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

Support Inova Wound Healing Centers The Inova Wound Healing Centers are specialized centers comprised of physicians and...

Primary Location: Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

Support Nursing Excellence at Inova Mount Vernon Support the education and professional development of the over 400 nur...

Primary Location: Inova Fair Oaks Hospital, Inova Schar Cancer Institute

Art is a fundamental component of the patient healing process at the Inova Dwight and Martha Schar Cancer Institute at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital. Upon entering the Cancer Center, patients are greeted by a pleasant and welcoming environment featuring the warm, soothing and serene colors of breathtaking photographs and several decorative quilts.

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