Proton Therapy

The Challenge
More than 63,000 Americans will develop head and neck cancer this year. Given the precarious location of these tumors, it requires the skilled touch of an experienced radiation oncologist to strike the right balance of radiation to kill the cancerous cells without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. For more than 120 years, radiation oncologists have mastered the balance.

However, breakthroughs in technology have given radiation oncologists a powerful new tool called Proton Therapy. Positively charged proton beams pinpoint tumors with such precision, harm to surrounding tissue is virtually eliminated and patients enjoy improved results. Residents the Greater Washington, D.C., region and the Commonwealth of Virginia deserve access to this lifesaving technology. By 2020, Inova will provide it.

Why Inova
Inova Schar Cancer Institute is a leader in the treatment of childhood and head and neck cancers, two disease categories where Proton Therapy excels. Proton Therapy also is invaluable when treating cancerous tumors located near vital organs, such as the heart when cancer is detected in the left breast. The intensely focused proton beam only penetrates the tumor and does not irradiate surrounding tissues or organs. A customized three-story building located on the Inova Center for Personalized Health campus will house the Proton Therapy unit, which strengthens the Institute’s patient-centered approach and gives Inova’s cancer specialists another viable and safe option in its arsenal of personalized treatments.

Philanthropy Investment Opportunities
Construction of the Proton Therapy facility is underway and on schedule. Your philanthropy will make sure Inova’s staff is in place and prepared when the service is available in 2020.

  • Your philanthropy empowers Inova to recruit the best and most experienced radiation oncologists, technicians and nurses to staff the facility.
  • Your philanthropy funds the timely training of Inova personnel to ensure the Proton Therapy staff is well-versed in best practices and the latest technological innovations.

An Invitation for Support
Proton Therapy will bring new hope for certain cancer patients and their families. More importantly, it brings this leading-edge technology to the Greater Washington, D.C., area and Virginia allowing cancer patients to receive advanced treatment closer to home. Only your philanthropy can inspire hope and brighten the future cancer care in the region.

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