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Inova Fair Oaks Hospital uses art to improve results for cancer patients

Art is a fundamental component of the patient healing process at the Inova Dwight and Martha Schar Cancer Institute at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital. Upon entering the Cancer Center, patients are greeted by a pleasant and welcoming environment featuring the warm, soothing and serene colors of breathtaking photographs and several decorative quilts. The photographs follow “The Journey of You” theme established throughout the center. The quilts, part of a permanent display at the Cancer Center, depict beautiful and colorful flowers and plants used in clinical trials and cancer treatments.

Spiderman and Fireman
Survivor Tribute: Sue Langley, Breast Cancer, 2006

Up into the Forest Canopy
(Ochrosia coccinea)

Carole A. Nicholas
Oakton, VA

The tropical plant Ochrosia coccinea provides the chemical Ellipticine. This compound shows promising anti-tumor properties against breast, thyroid and ovarian cancers.




Spiderman and Fireman
Survivor Tribute: Della Milholen (Mother-in-Law), Skin Cancer 2001

Dyer’s Woad
(Isatis tinctoria)

Vivian Milholen
South Riding, VA

Indirubin, a compound found in the isatis root, has been shown to be effective in treating myelogenous and other leukemias as well as some lung cancers.




In addition, Inova’s one-of-a-kind Life with Cancer® program incorporates art therapy in its portfolio of services provided to cancer patients to cope with and overcome the trials of cancer at the emotional level. While our cancer specialists at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital are fully committed to and have witnessed the influence of art in healing, they rely on the generosity of individuals and the community to ensure cancer patients in the future benefit from the healing power of art.

Even with the current healing influences the Cancer Center offers, more opportunities exist for philanthropists, grateful patients and the community to participate in creating a healing environment for cancer patients and their families.

We invite you to join our efforts today to create a healing promoting, stress-free environment at the Inova Fair Oaks Hospital’s Cancer Center. Your support will lead to:

  • The acquisition, framing and placement of art to enhance the healing environment at the Cancer Center.
  • Expanding Life with Cancer’s programs at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Cancer Center to provide art therapy, yoga, photography and writing for patients and families living with cancer.
  • Providing music therapy for patients and families before and during treatment.
  • The construction of a meditation room where patients and family members will tap their inner and spiritual strengths to overcome cancer.
  • The completion of an outdoor Healing Garden where patients and family members can relax in a peaceful, natural setting.


To inquire about artist portfolio submissions please contact:

Ann Miner
Inova Schar Cancer Institute – Inova Fair Oaks Hospital

We Must Act Now

Art gives comfort and elevates the spirit. It unleashes hope and affirms life. We invite compassionate and dedicated supporters like you to join us in expanding the healing powers of art and build the future of cancer care in our community.

To discuss how you can make an impact on the Arts in Healing programs at the Cancer Center of Inova Fair Oaks Hospital, please contact:

Nicole Kinard
Director of Leadership Giving
Inova Fair Oaks Hospital
(703) 391-3206

Support Arts in Healing

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