Times like this reinforce that your dedication to Inova allows us to provide world-class care every day no matter what the situation — we are most grateful. Here are some ideas for ways you can support Inova at this time.

Inova’s Emergency Preparedness Fund helps ensure that we have a ready source of flexible funding to meet the community’s escalating healthcare needs during a crisis, both now and in the future. Today, the fund is helping to cover additional staffing, specialized equipment for the unique needs of COVID-19 patients, increased services for telehealth and homebound patients, and other resources to address the rapidly-changing situation. Please consider supporting the evolving needs of our community with a donation to Inova’s Emergency Preparedness Fund at www.inova.gives/EPF.

Individuals and organizations can support Inova’s COVID-19 patients and caregivers by hosting their own online fundraising site. We have created an easy-to-use toolkit to help you set up your own peer-to-peer fundraising page, which you can promote via Facebook and other social media channels. Every dollar raised goes to Inova’s Emergency Preparedness Fund supporting patients and our frontline healthcare heroes.

Inova is prepared to manage this pandemic, but we welcome the community’s help to ensure that our healthcare teams have an ample supply of personal protective equipment and other materials when shortages arise. Bulk donations of 100 or more items are welcome; please contact us at inovadonations@inova.org to arrange a courier pick-up.

Currently, we are accepting donations of the following:

  • Masks (unused) We are not accepting homemade masks of any kind.
  • Goggles
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face shields
  • Paper disposable gowns
  • Gloves
  • Bleach/bleach wipes

We welcome the community’s messages of gratitude to share with our hardworking healthcare team members who are being called on to work extra shifts to care for our patients. Send a message of encouragement and support, or upload a drawing or video. We will share these across Inova to inspire these compassionate caregivers.

Inova is grateful for donated food to feed our busy care teams. Please review the guidelines below and contact us at inovadonations@inova.org to schedule your delivery appointment.

  • Only restaurants and catering companies may donate food.
  • Items must be individually packaged and labeled – i.e., only “grab and go” meals.
  • We cannot accept “shareable” items such as whole pizzas, open trays of food nor large containers.
  • We cannot accept homemade food.
  • Do not drop off food at hospitals without an appointment. 

Due to the current COVID-19 emergency, Inova is seeking licensed physicians, advanced practice providers (APP) and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) who can assist in caring for hospitalized patients.  All positions are compensated. Specific roles include direct patient care at the five Inova hospitals as well as remote pager-call coverage to review charts/place orders. To learn more, fill out this form.

Inova Health System is looking for individuals recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma (colorless fluid part of blood) for a research study. Your donated plasma contains immunoglobulins (immune protection) and this study will use your plasma to help patients currently sick with COVID-19 disease.

Check the Inova website regularly for up-to-date community information related to COVID-19. Visit www.inova.org.

Inova Blood Donor Services has experienced great community support combined with low usage, which means our community’s blood supply has stabilized. However, this could change. The need for blood is continual and the supply changes daily depending on collections and patient needs. Additionally, donated blood has a shelf life of 42 days and donated platelets have a shelf life of 5 days.

Sign up to donate blood

Inova Blood Donor Services needs donors to sign up now for an appointment to donate blood during the next six weeks at a Donor Center location.

With community support over the coming weeks, we can work together to continue to maintain a safe, pure, potent and steady blood supply. The need for blood never goes away.

FAQ: I have recovered from COVID-19, how can I help?

Inova Blood Donor Services is collecting blood from patients who have recovered from COVID-19.  The liquid part of the blood (the plasma) will be used to treat some of our sickest COVID-19 patients as the antibodies developed by those who have recovered may assist in the recovery of those still battling COVID at Inova hospitals and other community hospitals.

Learn more at www.inovablood.org/covid19plasma/

Thank you to the following major donors for supporting Inova’s Emergency Preparedness Fund.

Dr. and Mrs. Gary D. Mather


Thank You #InovaHeroes!

Inova doctors, nurses, and essential staff are working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis and performing extraordinary acts of courage to protect our community.

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Thank You Inova Emergency Preparedness Fund Supporters!

Thank you to our donors for supporting Inova’s Emergency Preparedness Fund and community members for donating equipment, meals and supplies to Inova.

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